carnage in c minor

today is the day that I laugh in the dark

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Also known as deschain/deschainx in other corners of the internet.

In this journal you will find much rambling and ranting and fangirling.
I occasionally write fiction and make icons.

Batman. Watchmen. American Psycho (mostly on IMDB). Transformers. Top Gear. Supernatural. Heroes. Inception. Good Omens. Dexter. The Big Bang Theory.
eye candy!
Christian Bale (I don't think I will ever get enough of Senor Bale). Zachary Quinto. Chris Pine. Michael Fassbender. Ryan Gosling. Chris Hemsworth. Tom Hardy. Jensen Ackles. Ryan Reynolds. Sam Worthington.
action/crime movies. writing. dark humour. horror. geeky things. a disturbing number of fictional psychopaths. punk rock. gaming. comic book-related things although I don't read many comics. coffee. ice cream. sunshine/summer. shoes. headbands.
I recently got a last.fm account but it's not of much use; the only fun thing about it is this and this.

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